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This theme comes with the Qantumthemes Videolove plugin, to create beautiful video galleries with filters, and is totally customizable in colors, columns and more! Check out the amazing videolove gallery here… and to create it, you just need the «videolove» shortcode!

KALEO «Save Yourself»


Save yourself Береги себя   It weighs heavier on one’s heart I could tell right from the start that sweet ones are hard to come across Well there is more than meets the eye Heart like yours is rare to find Someone else’s gain will be my loss Well little things that make you smile […]
Ylvis — Trucker’s Hitch


Я знаю, как вязать любые узлы…. Кроме одного!   I, I know how to tie Every kind of knot Except one It’s so hard The greatest knot of all So flexible and strong But I do something wrong I know the Bowline Sheepshank and the Double Overhand but the Trucker’s Hitch I just don’t understand […]

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